Sunday, May 23, 2010 Texas Scam

It was August of last year (2009) that after the people that were responsible for the Be Productions Scam aka My Talent Services Scam aka scam hit Texas. Many parents contacted this blog when they were approached at Malls and Target Stores. The method changed slightly,as they stayed away from the amusement parks (like Marine World here),but the bottom line was the same. Promise the chance to be on tv or movies,pay a fee up front (for pictures,lessons) or in the Texas case,wow be on their web site. Were they told that when your picture was put on their web site,that that site now owns the rights to YOUR PICTURE. This is a reminder to everyone with children,that it's almost summer,and the bottom feeders will be out. If anyone was taken by what happened in Texas,please feel free to post that on this blog.

Remember that parents that found the Be Productions Scam blog,were almost ready to be taken. After reading the blog and seeing what happened to not only my family,but many others,that saved their family from the pain we went through. Who knows where they will strike this summer?..Just watch some of those same names..Erik,Sal,Kim and Lisa to name a few..

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Anonymous said...

We were almost taken! But I chose to report them to the Attorney General who started a case and took all the information on the names you provided! I was not the only one that had contacted them!