Friday, March 5, 2010

Latest From Hollywood East Productions

More "stuff" from Hollywood East Productions...notice the "Disney" add on. Remember what has been said..don't pay for anything in the entertainment business in's not right or legal. Know your rights,before signing and paying for anything;

From the desk of Martin Herrera
Hollywood East Productions: Reality Show Update
Hello Everyone.
Current update: We are still conducting pre-workshop telephone interview/reviews now. I am monitoring, editing and correcting the talents/child’s slate introductions, commercials, monologues, songs and over all breakdown of your on camera performance, as related to their Actors/Slate DVD and stage performance.
Parents, I need to talk to you, and I need to listen to your child as soon as possible. Many of the children have called in and I am assisting them. I need to hear from you and your child, if I’ve not talked to you as of yet. I am waiting for your call or e-mail reply. Thank you.
Also, I want to “Thank” all the parents for calling in and for asking their many questions and production concerns. You should always feel free to ask, any and all questions that need your attention.
I would also like to say to all the talent that I have talked to thus far, “WHAT AN AMAZING JOB YOU HAVE DONE”. You have taken what skills you have learned and excelled greatly within our pre-rehearsal talks into true actors. And for those of you who wrote your own monologues, GREAT JOB! NOW THAT’S TALENT!!!
Parents, I will be closing this production offer soon. We need to move forward with our workshop dates and venue locations for this March. We are scheduled to shoot in April, after the Easter holiday. Please e-mail me with your talent/child’s telephone interview time as soon as possible.
Workshop location details: After speaking with many of you over the past weeks. It looks like we will be conducting the workshops for Northern CA, in the Pleasanton/Dublin, CA. area. And, for Southern CA, it looks like we’ll be in the San Clemente area, boarding between San Diego, Orange County and the Los Angeles area. I am still open to suggestions. Remember, we will conduct a full day’s workshop session on Sunday’s only, since many of you work on Saturday’s. Times are 9am to 5pm. However, should your child still want to go over or cover different aspects of their performance? I am always available on the phone.
ALSO, a friend of mine who work at DISNEY STUDIOS has asked me, if I wanted to come to tapings of some of their new shows. I don’t have the time. But, would you like to be invited? This way, I can have your name added to their studio listing for audience seating, when they resume taping. Or, would you be interested? Sorry, I don’t know the names of the shows.

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