Thursday, February 11, 2010

Martin Herrera and Hollywood East Productions..Another Rip Off In The Making?

If you search this blog for the name Martin or Martin Herrera, you will see this name come up many times. Why? Because Martin has been around since Be Productions,the reason this blog was created. Martin was a worker "Be" for Barry, back when Barry and Erik took our money and ran. Remember how all of this happened..First My Artists Place,Then MTS (and who ran that..Martin), Then BeOnTv (who runs that Erik). Speaking of BeOnTv,remember that was set-up when Erik and his gang went to Texas in the summer of 2009..check out the web site when you get a chance..How much did they take?..Erik, is this what was told to the parents in Texas when you were there?..Now you tell me your what happens to all those kids and families?..

Again, if you pull-up Martin Herrera's name on this blog,you will find a e-mail he sent me explaining how he was "hand picked" by Erik,when Be shut down, and MTS appeared. Now MTS is gone,and now we have Hollywood East Productions. New name,same player. Attached is a e-mail Martin had the nerve to send to My Talent Services Parents, after they shut down. Does anyone notice a TREND here. This group treats everyone like they are stupid, and will continue to be TAKEN. I will continue this blog and continue warning parents as long as this gang continues to prey on innocent people. Don't be surprised if at some point a: BeOnTv merges with Hollywood East (maybe poor Erik won't be Broke) or another new's anyone's guess. $200 a a deal Martin.

From the desk of Martin Herrera
Hollywood East Productions: Reality Show Update
First off, I’d like to say “Thank You” To each and every one of you. Not only for your kind words throughout this turn of events, but for your thoughtfulness and wonderful support shown towards me. But most of all, for your commitment to your children, to see them through to the next step, as we guide them forward in their journey, through this, the entertainment industry.
As many of you know, we are now confirming the workshop details for this project. We are currently in the preproduction stages of listening to the talent/kids conduct their slate/acting scenes over the phone. Within this process, I am also correcting any and all errors that they may have learned along the way.
Parents, please e-mail me as soon as possible, with a date and time, so that I can listen and assist your child over the phone. We need to move you through to the next step, before we start the Actor/Slate Workshop. (Please note) This is not the same process of Slating that you’ve learned before. It is structured in some parts the same way, but it’s performed slightly different, and we will directly enhance and target the Slate specifically for your talent/skills in the industry.
Schedules for the workshop sessions will be e-mailed to all confirmed talent, by the seconded weekend of February. Please continue to send in your confirmations, so that we can get you on our books as CAST.
Many parents are sending in their workshop fee now. So as not to break the bank, a session fee of $200.00 is required to hold your spot for the weekend workshop. After talking with many parents, I find it best if you pay for play as we move you and your child forward. I want this to be a stress free project in which you will properly learn and, be thoroughly trained by the end of this preproduction workshop in order for you to perform at your highest level as an entertainer.
For those of you who have sent in your confirmation replies. I will be sending you, your follow up details and preproduction workshop guides. Once we have all talent confirmed in their general areas, we will begin with sending you, your workshop dates, times and venue locations.
Now for some other news, Sunday night I had the privilege of attending Justin Timberlake’s, Grammy Award VIP after party in Hollywood. I have set-up phone meetings with an entertainment publicist and the Head VP of development at FOX. I’ve pitched our project to both parties and both are very interested in viewing our show. Throughout this month, I have been talking to people at different functions, promoting the show as it were. Just by my enthusiastic pitch and production knowledge, we have already produced a fan base. After doing much research, I have found our only other possible competition could be A&E’s “Toddlers and Tiara’s or “Little Miss Perfect”. HELLO!! I don’t see any real talent on their stages, at least performance wise. What do you think?
I am so excited for this project to just blow up. We will be shooting in April, in order to be a mid-season replacement. Let’s get moving. We have much work to do. I can’t wait!!! Please get your confirmations in NOW. THANK YO


Clayton James said...

You know you should be careful, You are dragging people through the mud because you are angry, not because they have done anything. I have known Martin for a long time and know he is an honest and ethical person.

If this Eric Deuchebag ripped people off there is no need to attack people who obviously are trying to make an HONEST living and start making steps to SEPARATE themselves from what ERIC had done.

I hope these other companies that were not involved with what ERIC did band together and Sue you. You have no right to take good people's names and honest companies and try to associate them to something that has nothing to to with them.

Shame on you for not knowing where to stop.

Gonna Be Productions Scam said...

Hello Clayton (if that is your real name). Normally unless I know who would like to post a comment on this blog,they are not allowed. But as in the case of other individuals I allowed it (see,,I am not the ass you think I am). Anyway, as you might have the ability to understand,I do not post anything that is not the TRUTH! After reading your comments I re-read my comments. Is there anything I posted that was not the truth? How do you drag someone through the mud,when they will not accept responsibility for who they worked for and what they did? How would you feel when you had over 50 parents (just a small portion that was effected by Be and then MTS and BeOnTv come to you and ask your help? How do you expect me to feel,when I have parents,hard working parents,parents that work hr's and hr's to support their family,come to you and ask for help,because they were sold something that does not exist? I am sick and tired of the Erik bashing,as he will have to live with himself,and God will take care of it at the end. On the other hand,when someone is using names of parents,THAT WERE TAKEN BY BE,THEIR NAMES AND INFORMATION HANDED OVER TO MTS AND NOW..CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG GIVEN TO MARTIN! Shame on me?,shame on you for not leaving people alone. If Mr.Hererra wants to start a new company,do so. But is the only way,to use names given to you by,as you call him,Eric. Please feel free to respond,but as in the past "Clayton",I do not expect to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Too Clayton,

You may say that Martin is truthful, then how come he says he has been in many movies, and done many modeling gigs, when he is not listed anywhere, and no respectful model has ever heard of him? I know, my daughter models for one of the biggest agencies in California, and deals with all the big agencies around. I got interested when this idiot says the only way kids can get on his relaity show is too pay for seminars that will be runned half assed? I wouldn't be surprised that Clayton is Martin. Scumbags always hang in packs.

Anonymous said...

I, too had gotten the communications from Martin regarding my daughter and I replied to him by saying that if he had asked for $20 per workshop I probably would have continued without any further question but when he asked for $200 it made me stop and think. That plus the ever changing name made me do what I should have done in the beginning, investigate further. Then I found this blog! I suggested to Martin that he should get some help with his grammar and punctuation if he wanted to be considered legitimate. He said he was sorry I felt I had to take my frustration out on him. I also got a communication from Mr. DeSanto saying that he was "sorry for your loss" when I asked for my money back! According to him, Be is broke and so is he!

Anonymous said...

Wow!...remember what is reminded here!...Don't pay for any service untill you receive what you are paying for! If it looks like poo and smells like poo than guess what!