Saturday, February 6, 2010

Follow-up email on class action lawsuit against Be., LLC

Dear Parents,

This is a brief follow-up email regarding the class action complaint against Be., LLC and others.

As the February 4, 2009 email mentioned, we are planning to ask the Court to certify the case as a class action. As part of that effort, we are asking you to please send us copies of your contracts with Be., LLC and/or Monterey Financial Services, LLC. Additionally, some of you may have marketing materials from Be., LLC. Please email us your contracts and other materials to or fax them to (312) 262-1007. Please be sure to separately include your name and the date you signed your contract with Be., LLC in your email or in the fax cover sheet.

Additionally, we are investigating whether or not Monterey Financial Services, LLC may have recorded or monitored calls without disclosing that the calls were recorded. If you received calls from Monterey Financial Services, LLC which did not explicitly disclose that the call was recorded, please email your name, telephone number, and the approximate dates of the calls from Monterey to

Many thanks,

Ethan Preston

Ethan Preston
Preston Law Offices
1658 North Milwaukee Avenue, No. 253
Chicago, IL 60647
(312) 492-4070 (telephone)
(312) 262-1007 (facsimile) |

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Anonymous said...

The number doesn't work. I want to file a complaint. They took so much money from me. Please email me on to let me know how and where I can send my complaint.