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My Talent Services,Where did you go?

My Talent Services link is now dead. The Link,(http://gonnabe.com/kids) was the Be web site,then turned into the MTS web site. MTS came on the scene with associates that worked for GonnaBe,before they closed down (because Erik DeSando claimed the economy went bad,even though he continued making money off of the good people of Texas this summer,as detailed here). I hope anyone who's see's this blog listens to my warning and remembers the names that are detailed here. They will come back and prey on you. This is a copy of 2 emails that I had with Martin. Also keep in mind Mr.DeSando's new "business", http://gobeontv.com. It would not surprise anyone,if you found any of this "gang" working there now. Mr.DeSando gave this as his current business address for GoBeOnTv (9107 Wilshire blvd suite 500 Beverly hills ca 90210. If anyone is in the area,feel free to let this blog know if it is the truth or another lie. Here are Martin's e-mails:

#1-Hello - My name is Martin with My Talent Service - RE: The E-mail you sent to Ms. Brainard.
Mon, July 27, 2009 2:27:48 PM
Martin Herrera
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My associate Ms, Brainard. has informed you, via past e-mails.
That *My Talent Service, is not related to BE LLC. or Be on Television Prod?

Our services were simply brought on, to help assist the BE members/families as

If you are seeing new kids added to the BE web-site, its because we are here to
help assist those families, who were not able to get the needed help from their
"then" BE talent director. As a former BE member and parent, you had first-hand knowledge of that.

, we are answering the phones, returning calls,
returning e-mails, helping the parents to select the best pictures of their
kids, informing parents of *Agent Showcases, auditioning tips, improving their
BE web-page, listening to the kids *one on one with their slate and or monologue
and resume informational's.

- please note, we are simply here helping one family at a time, as they
deserve our help and assistants with their BE web-page/membership.
They are not new members. They are FOUND members. Families that we are now able to
talk to and connect with, one on one. We are here to listen to and to help them with their questions and or concerns.

My Talent Service is not, nor have we taken on ANY new BE members. We are
simply helping assist the BE families daily with their questions and guild them
with respect to their childs membership, agent showcase and talent development.

We are here to SERVICE the BE members of BE. LLC.
And that's what you are viewing. Thank you so much for noticing

Because of your constant viewing and reviewing, we are able to show each parent
who ask, to please look at the BE web-site. For WE are making a difference by
helping the kids work on their BE web-page profiles. And with that in return the
kids are getting the auditions, booking the jobs, getting signed with agencies
and they are getting the best response from casting directors when they submit
for casting calls.

We, hear weekly of kids who are getting audition's for projects, because of the
help we are providing them.

I hope that helps you understand a little more of what we are doing here at
*My Talent Service.

As I said, WE are just here to help the current families that have an agreement
with BE. LLC. And that's what we are doing, and that's who we are helping.

Thank you for your time,

Enjoy your week.



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Be on TV Productions
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 12:04:17 -0700
From: "Liz Brainard"
We have NOTHING to do with Be on TV Productions nor are we taking new
members. Those 20 or so "new" members that are being added to the
gonnabe.com website are existing members that never received the information
to register from their talent director. Please do your research before
passing on information.

Best Regards,

Liz Brainard

My Talent Service


Customer Service: (310) 282-2914

Office: (310) 282-9968

Cell: (310) 488-5601

Fax: (310) 861-0638

Hello - Martin with My Talent Service. Follow-up letter.
Tue, July 28, 2009 4:52:17 PM
Martin Herrera
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Hello ,

Thank you for your reply to my e-mail, (dated July 27, 09).

RE: The posting on, www.gonnabe.com, in regards to a “free screen test”.

Thank you very much for catching that for us. We will remove this posting immediately from the GonnaBe website.

Please note, with your added monitoring, you have assisted our team in making adjustments to the GonnaBe website.

We are a very limited staff, only four and we are working tirelessly to help all of the Be. LLC members, so your help is very, very appreciated.

After reviewing your past e-mails and blogs. I am noticing an on-going disbelief with who “My Talent Service” is.

With respect to the Be. LLC families and members, Ms. Brainard, was brought on because of her knowledge of the Be. LLC families and her helpful customer servicing to these families. Her knowledge of the Be. LLC families lead the way to her transfer from Be. LLC to

My Talent Service.

, it was much easier to transfer former employees, as you may already know, who know Be. LLC and who already have inside first hand information instead of trying to hire, train, and inform someone else who knows nothing of the former.

I, myself worked in the casting/talent division of Be. LLC. Mr. DeSando asked me to help with the new studio opening during the November 08, holiday season. It was at this time that my services came about with the opening of the new Tarzana office. This was due to my knowledge of the entertainment industry. I worked directly with the talent agents, casting directors, and talent managers.

My background in the industry is vast by 28 years.

When My Talent Service was formed, I was asked to come on-board to help service the Be. LLC. members.

Today, I am able to assist parents and members and give them correct and direct information with respect to the industry.

In regards to your wanting names and the location of My Talent Service, , you and your family are no longer members of Be. LLC. Now, if you and your family were still Be. LLC members, I would gladly give you that information requested.

Again, that information will only be available to active and current members of the Be. LLC family.

It was also brought to our attention the harassing e-mails, blogs, and negative press you are presenting to outside parties in regards to Ms. Brainard. Scott, it is not constructive and/or positive of the current situation. Ms. Brainard is here to help, please do not post negative feed about her. She’s done nothing wrong in helping the families. I am sure your friends, family, employer, and colleagues would be hurt to know that you are focusing such hurtful accusations on an innocent person just trying to help.

Again, thank you for catching that “Free Screen Test” notice.

We will inform the webmaster and remove that section of the GonnaBe website.

Best Regards,

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