Friday, December 18, 2009

BeOnTv/Monterey Financial Service's LOSE! Erik DeSando what's going on? Are you the grinch that stole Christmas!

A update from 2 families that fought against BeOnTv in Texas and Monterey Financial Services! Angel let me know that he "Took Down" Monterey Financial Services, that has had a habit of making everyone's life a living hell. This is what was sent to me on December 2,2009.

I finally got my money back from MFS. They fought a good fight. We won all our money back. They only sent me what they took from me. So now bee still owes me $1665. Have you heard anything on the Class Act?
Take care

Angel contacted me months ago and felt that he would never see his money. He took those people to court and WON! How did he win..because he was able to prove that they were WRONG in what they were doing to hard working families!

Now for the latest business run by Mr. DeSando and company. Yo,Erik remember when you were bragging about how much you made in Texas? By the way,I love the web site you set-up. Maybe you can explain to all the hard working,non scamming parents in Texas,that You,Adrian,Sean and Paige felt good about taking their money,then just setting up a Web Page,where everything is based for the most part in California and no where near TEXAS! Do you feel good treating these folks like fools? How can you continue to make promises you never have any intention of fulfilling? Well Kevin got in touch last night and let me know,that he beat your ass in court. How did he do it? He proved that he tried to cancel within 3 days (as your little tricky contract has on the back!)

By the way Erik, do you know what happened to your other creation, My Talent Services? Come on, I have Adrian R' telling me that he had no clue what you were up to in Texas. Just like I had Domingo C, telling me he had no idea what you were up to in California. What's next, a e-mail from Paige and Sean telling me they never knew what you were up to? Merry Christmas dude,maybe you can explain to some parents and their kids how your promises that were never kept,left them with little to nothing under the tree. Do you care how much $1165- that you took from my family will buy? Thanks for nothing Erik!


Anonymous said...

How did Angel win against MFS? They are still tring to collect just under $1000 from me and have reported it on my credit report. I am considering taking them to small claims court and would like some advice. Please help!

Gonna Be Productions Scam said...

All comments are moderated. Please send me a e-mail address. I can send your information to Angel. I know he went through "hell" to get this resolved and did a lot of work. If you send your e-mail address in the comments section, I will make sure it does not get posted.