Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anti-Scam Bill Passes! AAB1319 PASSES in CA

From The BizParentz Foundation Newsletter:

This is the most far-reaching anti-scam bill in the history of the industry. It only applies to CA, but we are looking forward to assisting other states in passing similar laws. This bill outlaws Advance Fee Talent Representation (reps should only get paid on commission-AFTER you work) and regulates several new categories of Talent Services, including:

*Talent Listing Services (websites that post actor profiles and breakdowns)

*Talent Consulting Services (those who charge a flat fee to advise you on how to get into the biz, etc)

*Talent Training Services (acting schools, seminars, workshops, etc).

Paying for a job opportunity is illegal, as is "selling" an agent. This bill was supported by an unprecedented team of law enforcement, the BBB, BizParentz, SAG, and literally every major movie studio. Hollywood is truly sick of scammers!

We'll have more on this law on our website in the future, but you can read the final law here

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