Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sent to a Parent from San Diego tonight

I sent this to yet another parent that has contacted me:

Re: Info Request Regarding Be.
Scott and Maribel
O.K. and good luck. A few details on my case. We have done business with Citi Bank for quite a few years and were very helpful. If Citi or whatever bank you are dealing with does what Citi did for,they will then reverse the charges,while under investigation. If you made more than 1 payment ( we did 3 ) more than likely some of the money (or in our case 2 out of 3 charges) went to Monterey Financial Services. In my case Monterey didn't even dispute the reversed charges. They claimed they had a legal contract (that Be transfered or sold to them) the same month we signed. In my case they then made a threat of putting us in collections and ruining our credit. On a tip of good advice from another parent,I made a complaint with BBB of San Diego, and after going back and forth for 3 weeks,they finally walked away. I know where your at. I was there myself 2 months ago (before my wife called it my obsession). I too tracked Eric on Facebook and set up a bunk MySpace page (my name was BeBopin and I was a female to attract worked). In both cases when I was pissed and let Eric know it, he then cut me off.

The sad part for those idiots or as I call them the 3 Stooges (Eric,Barry and Domingo),that if Barry would have fiqured out a way to give me my money back,I would have walked away. Instead I got mad and tried every angle I could think of to make them regret what they did to my (and other families that we have met). I have sent numerous e-mails to the media in the Bay Area,as well as KCLA (when they moved to Tarzana) and Fox News (Geraldo at large). Like I have told more than 1 parent,I am not a lawyer,but a manager for a Staples store. I fiqured my blog might be the best way to get the word out and help parents that went through the same thing we did. When I started I had no help. Along the way I met more and more parents from Sac,the Bay Area,San Diego,L.A. and now Dallas.

I was lucky to meet some great parents,too many to mention. But most of us shared the same story. I found out the other day that they are checking my blog ( wooo I'am scared ). The only luck I had with the media was with CBS consumerwatch channel 5 in the Bay Area and 7 On your-side also here in the Bay Area. Don was great at consumerwatch and really cared. If you look at my blog:

there was a time, that idiot Barry claimed he never talked to me, after calling me at work one week earlier,to tell me about my refund "it's not going to happen". I also had the pleasure of meeting Reneey Koury from ABC 7. She was going to come out one time,and had to cancel. She did finally come out and shot the story herself. 7's web page did not show the story and it was disappointing that my 10 year old was not on. Come on, this is not just about the parents,but the kids too. My wife and I were so proud of our son and what he said. We wished that we video recorded his statements. It was never posted on their web page,so I recorded it with my camera and posted it on my blog. I have been told many things and even more and more lately. People are fed up (and I wish they saw my blog sooner). Part of doing the blog was therapy, and the other part was to let parents know what I went through and other part was to (excuse me) piss off the stooges like they pissed me off. My wife warned Domingo on day one,if you do not do what you say you are going to do,you don't want to mess with her or me.
I cannot promise how soon I can respond..take advantage of Anne,she has a good soul.


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