Friday, June 19, 2009

Be Attacks Dallas..They Must Be Stopped!

BeProductions Scam - Now in Dallas, TX
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AddFriday, June 19, 2009 1:29:53 PM

Hi Scott,

I have been reading your blog and I am extremely glad I found it. I noticed too that one of the emails from the ex-employee from BeProductions mentioned that Dallas, TX would be their next target. Well sure enough it was. My son (10 years old) was not invited to this "screen test" personally but his best friend. He and his mom were at the mall last Saturday and were approached by one of these "scouts" and given an invitation. He, very excited called my son and told him about it. He said that the producers of the show Suite Life of Zach & Cody were holding a casting for a new TV show. My son was so excited for his best friend but at the same time he was sad that he didn't have an invitation. My son is very persistent and ambitious so he asked his best friend to give him more information including any phone numbers listed on the invitation so that he could call and see if he could also get invited. He was able to get the following phone number 323-447-3024 and called. The lady on the phone told him that she would put him on the "invitation list" and to just say Lisa/Leeza sent him. He was extremely excited but had no additional information. I decided to call the number to ask for additional questions in regards to this "cast call". The lady gave me the details - where to show up, between what hours, and what he should wear. These people are good I tell you. The casting/screening was held at a productions studio near downtown Dallas. I won't mention the studio as they made it very clear that they were not associated with BeProductions - had big poster signs outside, the owner was there the whole time and as we walked out he stopped us and asked if we had been treated right. He told us that he was the owner of the studio and that he was just renting it to that company for that day and was not associated at all with them. My husband and I were weirded out by that, but I definitely understood that he wanted to make it clear that he was not with BeProductions at all - very smart man. The lady on the phone told me to make sure my son was wearing something bright and to take a picture of him. She made it very clear that it did not have to be a professional picture at all. I thought to myself, "Wow, that was easy, they don't even know what my child looks like and they don't care if he has an invitation, they really want him there". On Sunday June 14th, we got ready to go to this screening test. They asked us to go anywhere between the hours of 2-5pm. When we got there, there was a line of kids with their parents. As soon as we walked into the studio and stood in line they gave us a clipboard that had an application and sheet with different scripts that the children could choose from to memorize and act/say in front of the camera. I filled out my form, and sure enough, they were asking what our household income was. Someone came and looked over my application asked for the invitation and the picture. I told them I had no invitation but that Lisa/Leeza had told us to come. It was no problem and then they stapled the picture to the application. My son went through the whole screening, and well, he didn't do so great compared to other kids - although, I know he gave it all he had. I knew right away, he wasn't going to get called back - just being realistic. After his screening, they sent us to "interview" with one of the "talent directors". His name was Shawn. It definitely wasn't an interview at all. He quickly skimmed over our application, asked my son a couple of questions and then said "Out of all these kids, only a small percentage will be called back. We are going to review the tests and if we see something in your son, we will call you back for a second interview". We said ok, then he handed my son a sheet of paper (which I will scan and email it to you later) and that was that.

Today, Friday June 19th, I received a call from the following number 925-457-1888. It was a gentleman with a strong accent, I didn't catch his name but I believe he said his last name was Castro. He told me he was calling in regards to my son's screening for BeProductions and that he had been selected. He mentioned that we would have to return tomorrow, because they wanted to discuss with us (both parents) some opportunities for our son. I chose a time to go and he gave me the address. It appears that it is another production studio here in Dallas that they have rented: He asked me to congratulate my son as only a few had been called back and he made the cut. I was excited, but then my doubts started kicking in and I started looking for additional information on this company. Sure enough I ran into many statements by parents on, reports from former employees: and yours. I called my husband right away, put my son on three way and explained it to him so that he didn't think we didn't want to support him.

My husband and I won't be showing up tomorrow to this "second interview" as I now know what they are about. It is so sad this company is doing this because I know they will get some parents into their scam.


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