Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monterey Financial Services is OFF OUR BACK!

Thanks to some advise and help from the San Diego Better Business Bureau our dispute with Monterey Financial Services is over..I look forward to never hearing from them again!


This is in response to a dispute of a previous BBB complaint/response. Although the statements made by Mr. & Mrs. Poggenburg do not at all change the facts I have provided, we have decided to close out the Poggenburg's account at Monterey Financial, with no refund and no further financial obligations. The contract will be returned to Be Productions. This is not an admission of guilt or wrong-doing on the part of Monterey Financial or Be Productions. This is simply a decision made to resolve and close out this matter. The Poggenburgs also understand they are forfeiting any possibilities of utilizing the services of Be Productions and their affiliates. They are more than welcome to contact me directly with any further questions or concerns. Thank you.

Brooke Potthoff

Finance Manager

Monterey Financial Services, Inc.

800-456-2225 ext 4301

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