Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Ex-Be Employee Comes Forward!

I received this e-mail on Facebook. Since I did not receive permission yet to use her name,I will not show it on the posting:

thanks for that link, scott! sorry for the horrific delay in response, but i don't check this account as often as i should :/

i am an ex-employee and signed a contract, so i couldn't start a group using my name. i left be as soon as i realized they were a scam. this company is horrible and erik and barry are thieves. i've worked with both of them closely and never respected them.

i feel for the parents and children who have been scammed by these people and will do what i can to help any of you get the word out. domingo is a sleezeball. he tried to play the tune of something he is not in that letter to you where he asked you to remove your comments. in reality, he is the biggest liar out of all the sales people.

let me know if there is anything i can do to help further your efforts. good luck!

you can contact me at
fyi, my name is )

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Anonymous said...

i kept calling the office (Tarzana)at L.A.for almost 2 days nobody answered, I left a messages, no returned called received from BE, next day, Cristina answered the phone telling that they don't have talent managers anymore, changing the mission statement(last month during membership) to different scope of programs they offered. I tried calling the same numbers next day its not in service anymore,then i decided to visit the place(yolanda st. Tarzana) and in my surprised the place was empty and had a padlock. The Beezzz gone away.