Saturday, June 6, 2009

Be Membership Card-Did You Get The Value?


Gonna Be Productions Scam said...

Photoshoot-$300?..for 10mns?
Bioshots-really worth $150?
Stylist- ????$250-
Money Class- $250-?..while the person giving the class tries to sell crap and I mean crap at the end?
Word of Mouth Marketing-$575 value???
Talent Showcase- $6500 value!! for what?..not $6500 worth! not close!
Celebrity Events- $150- (never saw one!)
Boot Camp- $1500 ( for 12 weeks,and the last 2 mean nothing!) not worth a $1,000 a class
Resume service- ??????$150
Wonder why we are pissed!

Anonymous said...

I worked for Be. for over a year... completely agree this is a total scam & i really hope you get all your money back ... they let everyone go in all the offices because they couldn't pay rent anymore ... or electricity for that matter... i just feel bad for all the kids... they were great.

Anonymous said...

My son were sign up for 10 years contract, last april 2008, after he finished off his acting boot camp, and some shot that i got outside the BE, i try to get hold his talent director so he can help set up his resume and other free features, all i received was no reply, even i called his direct line was answer by someone else saying its a wrong number. what a crap. i wish we can sue them, at least we can feel how we feel.