Friday, June 12, 2009

Ex-Be Employee tells more

I have still received more information from the ex-Be Employee that I have been in contact with. Since I have asked for and not received permission at this point to use her name or e-mail,I will leave it off this blog:

Hi Scott and Maribel,

Sorry it's taken me a few days to respond- I see I have a couple of other messages from you in my inbox as well, but haven't gotten to them. It's been chaos so I'm now just checking my mail.

Anyhow, I can't confirm it, but I'm sure it's true. Manager for BE, Kim Ocampo, was sent to Dallas, TX, so I am going to venture a guess that that is their next target.

BE is not recognized or respected in anyway by legitimate casting directors or agents in Hollywood, it's a complete scam. The classes they offer "in affiliation" with anyone are also a scam. BE actually hires people to teach these classes and they give those classes a different name so that member think they're attending classes outside of BE- since they claim that they don't sell classes. All the money goes to BE save for paying the under qualified instructors. Barry Falck's son, Ryan, who is only about 21 y/o actually is the owner of the showcases. None of it is real. I feel humiliated for being tricked into working for them. We've spread the word pretty far down here which is why their LA office didn't stand a chance of lasting (only operated for 7 months.)

I hope parents like yourself find some kind of fair settlement with this company. They owe all their members a refund for falsifying their services and stature. All I know for sure is that I befirended some people while I was there and now I've come to disrespect them for staying with the company. In my eyes, they have false hope just as the parents they sign up. The company has tricked them too.

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