Sunday, May 3, 2009

To BE Fair here are two e-mails I received on 5/2 from Mr. Casanas

defamation of character=punitive damage
ViewSaturday, May 2, 2009 9:29:30 PMScott Poggenburg,

I guess you think I own Be...Be is owned by Barry Faulk and Erik DeSando.
I was just a Talent Director working for them and the Company.

I have three children in college.

Now when someone looks up my name on Google it shows your Stage Parent
where you blame the talent director for whatever reasons you feel your
son Arthur has not become a star. This is sad.

I am about to be fired from my place of employment because of your doing. Since
they feel it will harm their school to have someone see those comments. They tell
me they have not other recourse.

My attorney has given me the options I have, and I am writing to you before
I take that step to give you a 15 day grace before filing a ceist and deceit order plus
take further steps to go to court for punitive damage.
So please delete those comments against me personally ASAP. Feel free to go after
the Company for any unjust that you feel has been done to you and Arthur.

I am a Christian man who has not ever done anyone wrong and do not deserve
this type of treatment from you or anyone else.

My attorney did not want me to write to you first, but I told him I had to.
This is personal now because you are taking money from my kids since I will
be losing my job because of your comments. If you can live with that then I
know what type of person you are.

Thank You!

Otherwise I will see you in court

cc Jaime Alcabes

Domingo Casanas

And This one in a response to my email,after sending him one that was sent to me,by another family:

Re: Your Blog on Be Productions
ViewSaturday, May 2, 2009 9:53:39 PM
My emails to you and any other parent that had same concerns were sent with the answer that the owners and the pr department told me and
made me believed that as an example when the shoots would start for the show etc....Only following what they told me and believing it to be true.

Domingo Ivan

Re: defamation of character=punitive damage
ViewSaturday, May 2, 2009 9:59:22 PM

hank You...I figure it was you. Good Night...I have plenty of kids that have been in shows...print work...have agents etc...

I have my list of parents that will testify on my behalf. Your job was to go after the Company not me personally. I do not own the Company.

I have no control of what Be owners will or will not soon as I found out something was wrong I got out....that should tell you something.

Domingo Ivan

cc: Jaime Alcabes ESQ

-----Original Message-----
From: Scott and Maribel <>
Sent: Sat, 2 May 2009 9:54 pm
Subject: Re: defamation of character=punitive damage

Domingo Ivan Casanas,

What do think my husband is...You should think about what have you done to us. You know that they are scammers who take the money of innocent kids. If you have a heart that your saying to us. Go talk to your previous employer and get our money. Then will think about removing the e-mail...

Maribel Poggenburg


OHara said...

Domingo is a lying sack of feces. He was "recruited" by IPAQ along with another Be. " (=scammer), "Anthony Corder", who may also be going by another name, "Tony Bratta"/Anthony Bratta/Tony Brata" etc (we heard this from another former Be employee). "Anthony" went on to work for Barbizon --one of the very same schools he dissed while at Be as being a ripoff. Well, I guess Barbizon/IPAQ were lucky enough to recruit experts in the field...

What about the money he's helped to take from our kids? I don't believe he got out when he found out something was "wrong". Domingo can't be that dense that he didn't notice something was wrong before--he's a children's author! He's a celebrated figure in the community!! If you go by what's been published about him before

If Channel 5 or Channel 7 want other parents to back up or contribute to this story, have them contact me--I can put them in touch with plenty.

OHara said...

Besides Be/Casanas et. al, someone may want to investigate Rising Stars. Although they claim they're not connected to Be/Gonnabe, you can't enroll in their acting/model/singing classes unless you're enrolled with Be/Gonnabe. Several of their top-notch instructors quit about the same time--that doesn't bode well, does it?