Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be Productions Scam

Here are 2 e-mail's I received:
Wow! This is getting a little hectic, huh? Well in my son's class more parets have got involved, and want to follow through with forwarding the complaint to not only the Consumer Dept, but also the news, and the DA. I've told them that I've been in contact with you through email, and all of the great things that you have done to go after Be., so they would also like to become apart of the complaints. There were about 20 who all held a meeting yesterday and we exchanged contact information...but there are more! One of the parents is an attorney, so he is going to help with taking the correct avenues and actions, another parent has already gone to an attorney and is suggesting a class action law suit, and another is a computer programmer who is going to create a whole website about Be being a deceptive company. The attorney says that we would need about 100 parents to participate.

At this point, Be has violated what they have promised each of our children, and therefore have charged us for services that none of us has recieved. Also, there are some complaints about the authentication of their supposal "showcases", which he could require proof of these representatives qualifications, being that this has been charged as a fradulent experience. Also, their employee's, as you have witnessed, making empty promises, and the many lies that they tell us at the presentation just to get us to sign up, which is deception. I know in our meeting, we were shown a magazine, that I remember called something like "Child's Life". And we were told that this was their magazine, and that our son would be placed in it. My son was also promised a photoshoot which they have yet to make good on, and in my opinion have surpassed the time to try and do so. And they promised us that he would have a local talent director to steer his career. (Whom we know is
now with Barbazon, and has urged us to leave Be, in addition to all the terrible things she said about Be's fradulent ventures.) Their all liars!

Their employee's also misrepresented themselves as "talent scouts" when they made intial contact with us. Well what qualifies them as "talent scouts"? This position was given to any young woman who applied on craigslist from what has been exposed by several ex-employees on And we already know that they have lied about which child stars have developed out of their business, as well as who they have worked with; as they have fabricated their Six Flags affiliation. All of this is very much illegal. I will be in touch with you. All of the parents are working on putting their complaints and personal experiences in writing, so we can then collectively put them together. The fact that this company has done this repeadetly is really going to hurt them.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to be a part of your case against be productions. I have a story that sounds an aweful lot like the stories I've been reading for the past couple days. Please post who to contact.

Anonymous said...

many of us here in los angeles just found out all the dirt and wanna do somthing about it,and want our money back.

we'd be glad to join your case. if you have no case , lets make one.