Thursday, May 21, 2009

Monterey Financial Eric Desando Be Productions True Rip off artistis

Be Productions took our money ($3,495) and ran from Northern California. We disputed the charge on our credit card. The dispute was approved by our cc company and while it was looked into,they reversed the charge. This gave Be and Monterey 60 day's to respond as to why the charge should stay. This idiots called my home today and left a message "this is your last chance to settle this dispute". I had no idea what this was about (my cc company had not even told they reversed the charges while in dispute). These Brainless money gubbing leeches did not give a prior call,they did not send anything in the mail. The topper was that after I even questioned what they were doing..I was told "this is not going anywhere,I will just put the account in collections for refusal to pay"..

Does everyone understand now, why I have said..Stay Away From Be Productions! Please read my blog:
They lie,steal and when they have to,threaten to have your credit messed-up. I paid everything up front..nothing was financed. Between these 2 idiots,they just decided instead of disputing my cc company..they were just going to try to screw me and my family again!

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