Friday, May 22, 2009

Monterey Financial Response and My Response Back

Ms. Pottoff,
Thank-you for your quick response. The only problem I see at this point is that we did not receive the funds back from Citibank. What Citibank did (in answer to our dispute with Be),is recover the funds (which we have no access to) and held them for 60 day's. The 60 day's started in May (which Monterey should be aware of). If you answer to Citibank within those 60 day's and prove to them,the funds were taken from our account properly, they should release those funds back to you. All wanted to do is make it clear that I was disputing the fact that you will "put this in to collections" while this dispute is being investigated. I feel your action in not allowing us to have this dispute settled,while our contract was with Be Productions and not Monterey Financial is unfair and maybe unlawful. There is no stipulation in my contract that if I dispute these charges that I am liable to Monterey Financial. Monterey Financial is not even taken in to consideration the fact that "in good faith" Be Productions has held money based on a 5 year agreement,prior to services rendered during that period. Based on the facts that I have just presented to you,will you please either advise me how I can dispute the action Monterey Financial will take on me as of June 1st.


From: Brooke Potthoff
Cc: Shaun Lucas ; Travis Packer
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 9:28:17 AM
Subject: RE: My dispute/your business parctice


Thank you for your feedback. I apologize if you feel you were treated rudely by any of our representatives here. I have noted that you are disputing this account; however, I strongly urge you to contact our office to set-up payment arrangements. Your account is currently over 350 days delinquent due to the recent chargebacks you did with your credit card company. You did sign a legally binding contract and there will be no cancellation. All of the services you originally signed up for are still available just as they were when you signed up. You may contact Be at their toll free number 800-974-9178 to work out any service issues you are experiencing. Unfortunately, without immediate payment arrangements, we will be forced to recommend your account for a collection agency due to the severe delinquency of the account as of June 1st, 2009 for the full balance of $2330 + potential collection/legal fees. Please contact us today and any representative would be more than happy to assist you with your payment arrangements. Our toll free number is 877-399-6374. Thank you.

Brooke Potthoff

Finance Manager

Monterey Financial Services, Inc.

(800) 456-2225 ext 4301

Visit us online to view your account/make payments at

This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

From: Scott and Maribel []
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2009 7:31 PM
To: Shaun Lucas
Subject: My dispute/your business parctice

I received a call today at home. The person that left the message said "this is the last chance to resolve this matter". When I called,I found out that this was in reference to my Be Productions account. This account was paid in Full,but I later found out through my credit card company,that since I filed a dispute on the charges (based on Be's business practices in Northern Cal.) they reversed the charges for 60 day's for the business to respond to the dispute.

I was told by the person on the phone (which was recorded) that your company has no dispute process. She refused to tell me a address I can mail a dispute or who I could talk to. Is it you company's policy to refuse to allow someone to dispute you actions?..To not contact someone of action that you are going to take,without any prior contact? After talking to you associate and he inability to handle the situation,she ended the conversation with "this is not going anywhere,I am going to put your account in refusal to pay and send to collections".

Please respond to this e-mail or call me or my wife in reguards to this issue.

Let's see my contract that I was scammed into signing was with Be Productions..for $3,495..we did sign 3 CC slips that added up to that amount. So..if they claim I owe them for 2 thirds..sorry for my language,they can go to hell. And where did the other 3rd go..Eric's.Barry's or Domingo's pocket?

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