Saturday, May 23, 2009

Be Productions Scam-Ex-Employee

Jason Sullivan
Burbank, California

Be. Productions a.k.a. My Artist's Place a.k.a. is definitely a SCAM!

I WORKED FOR THEM AND THEY ARE A SCAM. I was a 'talent director' with Be. I have no experience in the entertainment industry what so ever, all of my experience is in sales, from furniture to gym memberships
. They advised me to come up with a phoney backround to pitch to parents and kids to make myself seem more 'hollywood'. All of the 'talent directors' are sales people. I was let go of because I wasn't selling enough memberships a week. What could I do, I felt guilty pushing families into a dead end. They conduct at several 'callbacks' a day and break them down into small groups to make you feel like there was a cut and they conduct screen tests EVERY week! They call EVERYONE back as long as when you filled out the form at the screen test your income level fit the bill. Notice that letter they write at the top of your form then circle? That is a code letting the sales person a.k.a. 'talent director' know how much money you make and what tactic of sale to use on you and your family. This is 100% true and I wish I had never worked for a bunch of frauds like Be.

This company needs to be exposed for the scam they are. I remember seeing the scouts come in for interviews EVERY week with Danny and his girls, who are all also big frauds themselves. And the Buzz Band? The 'kids' in that band are actually a bunch of 20-somethings that are made up of the owner's daughter and her friends from school!!!! It is the only real interest the company has and the members' money all goes to funding their career and journey to discovery. The band sounds horrible too. It's all horrific. And they definitely DO NOT PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES!!! That is why they interview for scouts every week!

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