Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Letter to Sheila Kuehl on Be Productions

I sent this to Sheila Kuehl,who wrote Calif. Labor code 1701.

Dear Ms Kuehl,

I saw you were the champion in getting 1701 passed..Thank-You.
Sadly though,my family and many more have been (if I can think of any other word)taken by Be Productions (owner Erick Desano). I have set up a blog that explains my whole story,and if you have a moment I would appreciate you reading it. It is:

To be honest,I started this whole campaign to get my families money back,after we found out that we were deceived in to signing our contract and they shut everything down in Northern Ca. It has now also turned into a sounding point for even more parents. I heard your name from a interview you did for ABC 7 on your side in August of last year (I wish you did it in May of last year after we were talked into signing with Be. Channel 7 was going to do another story,but decided not to at the last moment. I did not get a good reason,but I saw that they did a positive story about Be later in the year,and they may not want egg on their face. I have been working with channel 5 consumer watch in my tireless effort (my wife is calling it a obsession) and I was complimented for my persistence. It really seems Erick Desando the owner and Barry Falak act like they do nothing wrong (Like Erick's attitude when they interviewed him on 7 on your side).

As you can read in my blog,I filed complaints with every agency I could and have done everything but take them to small claims court. I think this is another reason why they moved out of Northern Cal,maybe to make it hard for parents (like me) to go after them.

I would greatly appriciate any and all advise you have for other parents and mine.

Thank-you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Scott and Maribel Poggenburg

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