Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Erik Desando Barry Falck Liz Bernard Be Productions More Upset Parents

Hey Erik,Barry and Liz

Another upset customer..are you going to call her back? Erick are you going to blow her off too?..or are you too busy counting that $250,000 a year that you claim on myspace..some of us work for a living!

Hello Scott

I’ve been reading your blog after another Be parent alerted me to it. Yikes!

I don’t know if you’ve since taken up Be on their “showcase offer”, but if so you (and other parents) should be aware that this is not a talent agent showcase, which is my understanding that it should be per our contract/discussions with our former “Talent Director” (Anthony)—the people attending are talent managers, not talent agents—two entirely different things. Talent Managers do not book jobs. You might want to pass this along to Consumer Watch since this seems to be yet another bait and switch.

I’ve tried contacting Liz to confirm this, because I’m not wasting my daughter’s time if there aren’t agents. The literature I’ve got states that the showcases are with talent agents. But of course, no answer.

How is Arthur doing with all of this? I think we might have met him before, perhaps at a class. I hope he is okay. My daughter is saddened that the person and company she thought was championing her (Anthony) was apparently just stringing things along. She still enjoying acting, though, and we’ve moved on to another instructor and are still encouraging her.

All the best,


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