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I did read your blog. I'm pretty shocked. They were always on the up and up with me. But then again, I just dealt with Nick Tabri who was the creator/director of Kids Unlimited. I see on their website they say it still airs on the CW and G4. Neither of which is true. Wow.
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RE: Hi C

I'm so sorry to hear that!!

I am glad you are doing something about it.

I've met him a couple of times and a few times at some hollywood parties.

I don't know him well at all so I don't have an opinion of him.

But i do know that like most men here in Hollywood, he was trying to sleep with me.

I met with him twice, I am not naive, well, sometimes I am, but I always give a fair chance, meaning I don't make pre-conceived ideas about people before knowing them.

He seemed like he wanted to help in the business that's why I met with him. But his help definitely wasn't worth a fuck.

meaning, like most men, he wanted to sleep with me,, or make me his girlfriend.

So I know he has an agency for children, I know he lives in west holly. but nothing more than that.

I'm sorry that you had to go through that! That's just aweful.

You know what's interesting... One of the times I met him, he told me of a story of one of his 'kids' (from the agency....) that she had some sort of sickness, disease where she wouldn't live for long. I was So moved by his story that I wrote a poem for her, the little girl. When I gave it to him, he wasn't even moved a bit. Now I'm thinking that might have been a pickup story, for me to feel sorry for him and sleep with him. Who knows.

Again, sorry and hope you can work it all out.

I read a little bit of your blog already.


I guess he needs that $250k for his nice lifestyle

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