Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be Productions Scam

wow....I had no idea now wide spread this was. As I shared my son does have an agent but he did not get it through BE...he only did one showcase and was not signed....but soon after a well known agent that we met through an early acting coach.....signed him....he just did his first SAG movie....again none of this was due to BE.

do you know if they are showing "Say What" or "Kids Unlimited" to reel in kids to the program. I must say that we were never told that they were responsible for Miley Cyrus or anything....and they never promised us that our son would do anything other than extra work or some local modeling.....but we were early signers and it sure sounds like they changed their tactics....then they cast him in the show....which has been a roller coaster ride...just so you know neither nor cal shows have filmed anything since July 2008.....and the email you sent saying they told you that the shows were going back into production in Oct 2008 was interesting as we were told nothing of the sort...ever...we were told shows on hiatus until they could work out some financial issues and either sell the shows or find a venue for them to be seen on is my understanding from several parents of main cast members on the shows that children have not been paid or just received partial payment.....I look forward to speaking with you further. this whole situation is very confusing and upsetting.

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OHara said...

I heard from several parents that payment--all said $10--came out of the pocket of Nick Tabri, the director at the end of the shoot. And some kids/parents had to remind him to do this. So much for Coogan Accounts and work permits, eh?