Friday, September 17, 2010

The threats keep comming

Posted on someone close to the case,facebook page:

******* said.....
hey if anyone gets contacted by a guy who is bad mouthing me about a prior business please let me know as i am preparing a case against him for defamation and other offenses and i need witnesses...thanks!

Wow..if anyone get's contacted by a guy who proclaims this blog is not right,let me know..the truth will alway's prevail!

Also keep in mind:
HE has to prove that you had malice, were lying, etc. He has to prove that BEFORE discovery (the phase where witnesses enter the picture and depositions are taken and where he can ask you for your files). And if he loses that SLAPP case, it will cost him ALOT of money. You can collect double all your attorney fees.

Give it a rest buddy.

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