Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Words of Advice from bizparents

Some Advise From bizparents:

--I'm thinking that there may be parents reading who are still interested in the entertainment industry for their kids, but don't know how to go about it legitimately. Our website could help them, for free. We also have a FREE newsletter that we send out about once a month or so. Parents can sing up for that on the bottom right of our homepage at

--As you have noted many times, there appear to be quite a number of "secondary scams" involved in Be. Those are businesses that have either obtained the Be mailing list or are owned by related businesses and are STILL out there to get your money. Be victims have a bit of a target on their head. Don't be taken again!

I suggest that parents check out the link that the Dept of Labor has published in relation to the new anti-scam law, the Krekorian Act. Wtih this new law, businesses similar to Be would have to post a bond with the state. That way, if they run with the money, victims would have some recourse. This applies to any business that charges upfront fees to actors (a practice which is highly discouraged, which is why there is a law about it).
The new DLSE list was just published. It is on this page on our website:
If I understand their business model correctly, businesses like Rising Stars and Hollywood East, should have posted a bond. If they didn't, parents should not be working with them.

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