Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Be Productions,2 years later and the lies continue. Legal before yes,now no..Ethical? NOT

I have found a Facebook page,where someone has stated the following:"hey if anyone gets contacted by a guy who is bad mouthing me about a prior business please let me know as i am preparing a case against him for defamation and other offenses and i need witnesses...thanks!

This person's page goes on to have comments by people that "claim" to have links sent to them. One person even said " A while back I got a random fb message that included inks to different pages" Another person claimed to get "a long message" Also the person that took advantage of my family when we were first sold our contract with Be Productions wants to "time to tag team" and the same person who has the page even say's
"the irony is this fools kid worked on one of my tv shows"

As stated before,the past owner of Be Productions has made threats of the above to me. As a matter of fact,the person that sold us our contract with Be Productions pleaded with me to remove his name from the blog and the actual e-mails that were sent to us,because he had kids in collage. It is sad when many parents and yourself lose thousands and it is excused as "a prior" business. A prior business that may have legally sold contracts to Monterey Financial Services. But was that explained to anyone? No. Were they told when the business closed and moved to LA? No. If you look at one of the links,it show's the sign that was left on the office door in Emeryville..that was it. Did they tell anyone when they closed business in LA?..no again. Did the name change to My Talent Services..yes. Strange,this "business" started with My Artist's Place then Be Productions and them My Talent Service's. Was it legal,sure. Ethical? You be the judge.

The links on this blog are the truth,not make believe. As in the case,where if the person who is described as "the fool who's kid worked on one of my tv show's". WHERE IS TRUTH? You can go to http://www.imdb.com and search for Be Productions. Note the last tv show was 2007!..funny my son was signed in 2008..a year AFTER the last tv show!

In closing, take the time,read the blog and start at the beginning. Check out the links. My story tells you what my family and I went through. The e-mails are real and have been saved and put away. The sad part is,again..was it legal? Not anymore.
Was it ethical? You be the judge. Did a lot of families have their credit effected? Yes without a doubt. Did families either did not get paid as promised and lost money? Yes. And they will walk in a court of law with me and testify to that FACT.
After this blog was created,a year later Texas had almost the exact same thing happened again. People were approached at Mall's and Target. Read the blog,the same people were their. Check out the link http://gobeontv.com..nothing updated since 2009..legal maybe..ethical..again you be the judge. Thanks DC and MH for the "heads-up" on this.


Himura Kenshin said...

Wow we signed up are daughter back in late 2007 always getting emails for classes and such and there was always a fee. What got us was the pressure to sign the contract that day or she would be dropped from the list to make room for someone else. We had hoped such work would help to pay for her college never again...

Dennis said...

If I ever see these clowns again in my area I will make them disappear like they did with my cash. Pisses me off that this shit is still allowed. Sorry for the language, but after being scammed you can understand my feelings toward this wannbe ripoff co.
We would like to join your lawsuit also.
Mr and Mrs Jones

Dennis said...

again thanks for the blog and the information on these jokers. Much appreciated.

Andrew Martin said...

In March 2008 we signed a contract with both BE Productions and Monterey Financial for over $3000.00, with the promise that our grandson (8 yrs old) would appear in one of their TV shows. After attending an Acting Bootcamp for 6 weeks, (which also had their own fees) he was persuaded to ask us to enroll him in ongoing Acting Workshops. After 3 months we finally called it quits, because none of our emails nor voicemail messages were EVER answered!!!

Anonymous said...

Misery loves company and I'm part of the ticked off crowd! We signed my son up fall 2008 in San Diego. As a sales person, I should have seen their hard-sell techniques coming: the gong that would go off whenever anyone signed, the "do it now at the introductory offer", etc. If they ever have the nerve to come back to S.D., or if I encounter them in another city, I will pepper the parking lot of their current address with "Buyer Beware" flyers on the windshield of every car. I will post the scam website and the addresses of the Attorney Gen's office and BBB. And, I'll let families know they have 3 to 10 days (depending upon the law) to get out of their existing contract. In other words, I'll be the pest that won't go away. I won't allow these thieves to continue in my city. They'll have to pack up and move on.

Anyone that knows of their directors and worker-Bees should hound them wherever they go-- shame them into leaving or testifying against their scam artist employer. ENOUGH! Time to rebel!

Anonymous said...

I have been a victim...5000 DOLLARS! whoever was a victim please write me an email on katrinaroberts1010@gmail.com. I want to create a case against this company...and the case will only be stronger if all of us file it together!! I need to know who else has been victimized by these SNAKES who messed with so many kid's emotions and so many parent's hard earned money... PLEASE EMAIL ME.