Friday, August 14, 2009 Taking More of your money..Is that what you call help?

Even though My Talent Service is still using the name of the company that hurt so many families (,they still are trying to get more money out of parents!..come on My Talent Service,if (or as it has been called My Artists Place and Be Productions) does not exist anymore,how can you really keep using the Be name and using videos on that web site that was used when we were told our child was going to "be on tv" to get us to sign? Click on the title of this post to go see what is on their web site,posted below:

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How about this one..

Will this cost us anything?
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Your child, should they be selected by BE, depending on your child’s interests, goals and how we want to market them, will need to have head shots and other promotional material to advance their career.

Be, is not a school. However, due to our industry connections our clients save an average of 80% off the retail prices for training, showcases and photography. You’ll be impressed by how affordable and fun the experience will be for those chosen.

Are you guys going to try to sell me classes?
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We don’t teach any classes. We offer discounts with top entertainment service providers, referrals, and much much more. If your child is new to acting, he or she might need some basic workshop training before they can start working on one of our shows or with a professional agent. Most of our clients attend Rising Star’s, a Hollywood based acting school with studios all over the country.

Here are a few of the Vendor Relationships that you can receive through Be:





I thought you were not working with Rising Stars anymore..your web site is like my past experience..full of LIES!

It's all there in it's glory..just go to site map on the GonnaBe web site!

Including this one:

Are all the children selected from the screentest?
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Unfortunately no. Only a small percentage of the children screened, meet the industry profile that top agents, talent managers and casting directors are looking for. The most important thing is to be yourself and don’t be afraid of the camera. And have FUN!

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