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Erik DeSando in Dallas Texas?

Erik's last word to paying customers in California:

From: Erik DeSando []
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 9:01 AM

To: Linda
Subject: RE: Meeting with Be Productions Talent Directors

understood.... the company has been taken over by a conservatorship by the biggest debtor who has a UCC filing on any assets...meaning there is nothing left to return to customers. i have been removed from my position in the company and no longer have any power to help you. my recommendation is to use the services and discounts still available and not waste your time trying to get money from a company that is on the verge of bankrupcy. the conservator is still payintg to provide member benifits so use them!!

good luck


E-mail and comment from today:

I'm sorry it took so long to reply. EJ is the talent agent I spoke with. The posters were of a Bee show, something for kids and the flyer had Andre rmante On it. I was told there may be a cost about a $1000, but nothing in the millions. Guess his way of making a joke. The pictures on the links you provided is the man I talked to. He is/was recruiting in the Dallas area. Please do not show my name. This guy still has my info. Thanks!
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These "sightings" were by parents and communicated to me. I hope everyone has seen what Eric DeSando looks like:

Kim replied to your poston July 26, 2009 at 7:41pm
I wish I had found this group before I went in and wasted my whole weekend in Dallas. We got a call back from Erik for the "call back" second interview. After 3 hours of presentation and waiting, we went to a small room and he gave us the membership pricing. By this time, my girls and my husband were too exhausted and hungry, and it sounded too vague like a timeshare, I said, I will think about it and didn't sign up. He said we are the only ones who didn't sign up and everyone else did. I wonder if that is a lie. Probably is. So is there nothing legit about this company? Do the people who sign up actually get jobs?

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Carol (Dallas / Fort Worth, TX) wrote17 hours ago
I so glad I had some down time to do some research this morning before our "call-back", saved us a 2 hour trip to Dallas. I was so upset, I called Channel 11 for a scam alert and Disney Corporate to let them be aware of "Estabans" likeness on the invitations.....Fortunately, my daughter is not that upset... My husband and I were both initally skeptical, but figured we'd at least see what it was all about...Now, we know for certain.

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Carol (Dallas / Fort Worth, TX) wrote7 hours ago
Scott, Unfortunately, they kept the invite, I was going to make a copy, but forgot to before we left to go to Dallas. But the front of the invitation was a very misleading picture of "Esteban" in the bellhop uniform, carrying two suitcases w/ Zack & Cody logo. Almost Identical the the top margin of the The Big Talent Bee website. The phone number on the invitation traced back to a Dallas suburb of Grand Praire.

I even called Disney Corp offices to let them be aware of Copyright/ Fraud type activity, and that Be.was intentionally misleading an association with Disney. My husband and daughter were told at Northpark Mall, that the project had something to do with "Estaban" getting a spin-off series from Suite Life..

Erik said they are making the 'rounds in Texas- Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.I also notified the Houston Chronicle. Their reporter was a bit more interested. I suspect they will target The Woodlands Mall, or the Galleria in Houston.

My husband called Erik back this afternoon and left a voicemail to let him know we were cancelling and why. He told them off pretty well! By the way, Erik is AKA "E.J." in Texas now. We got to interview with him on Sunday, so I guess that makes us "Extra Special" lol...

I am sorry that you and many other people are out so much because of scoundrels such as these. Good Luck in pursuing this.

Another thing, I noticed at the bottom of one of their web-sites that Hilton Hotels was listed as a sponsor, hmmm, we'll see about that tommorrow...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Be On TV Productions in Dallas Texas":

We went to the "casting call" and got a callback. We went to the callback today in Dallas. My spider sense starting tingling when they started to mention the costs involved and I googled "Be On TV Scam". This blog immediately came up and thanks to you I recognized this bull for what it is. They took us into separate rooms and started doing EXACTLY what was described on this site. We bolted. I felt really embarrassed more than anything having almost fallen for this VERY convincing scam. They prey upon your children's wishes and what parent would knowingly refuse to grant your child "Their shot at stardom". These people are scum of the earth and if there were grounds to get a police raid on them while they are here in Dallas I would be first in line to testify against them.

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rhale said...

Went to the Dallas deal Sunday and again last night. Told them we needed to think it over, and Sean said "No problem".

I called "Estaban's" president of the Young Actor's Camp and verified that "Estaban" would be in Dallas on th 22nd and 23rd, but is otherwise not associated with "BE".

There are other ways to get your kid into acting and they cost little to nothing.