Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Citi Bank Gave Us Our Money Back!**Update**


We got the final word from CitiBank. After reversing the charges that went to Be and Monterey,we were only refunded the 2 charges that went to Monterey (that's why I keep advising people to try to use BBB of San Diego against Monterey,it worked in my case). The sad part for us,was that CitiBank claims they went to Be's merchant bank,and was told there was no money in the account to refund. So we are out $1175. We thank our blessings for what we did get back. It still makes me wonder how employee's that worked for Be (Liz etc) and now work for My Talent Services are paid. Also if Be has no more money,why is there a Gonna Be web site?..that takes money for "showcases","photoshoots" etc. All it is,is a shell game to steal more families hard earned money. They should be ashamed of themselves,but I guess scammers never are.


I am happy to say my fight with Be is finally over. Today we received a credit on our closed CC account for $3,495. We requested a check and will receive it in 7-14 day's. As I stated when this first began all I wanted was my families money back. I will never forget when I first talked with Barry Falck and told him all I wanted was my money back and he said "it's not going to happen".
I promised my wife that I would not spend as much time,that I have on this issue. I will though continue to add to my blog (I have some interesting things I found out today,that will be posted soon-another ex-employee and a Craigs list ad that showed-up..you have to see it:

Hi Scott:

It looks like they are back, hiring in the Bay Area again. Check out this posting on craigslist:


If anyone still wants to e-mail me to ask about my process,please feel free and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Keep in mind, I am not a lawyer,I am a manager with Staples. I could not do this by myself and appreciate the help I received.

Scott Poggenburg

I called the number and it's disconnected, and I flagged it w/ craigslist, so hopefully they will pull it from the site. urg...


Anonymous said...

I would like to know ways to get my money back! bvadenfam09@yahoo.com.... Thanks

Gonna Be Productions Scam said...

On the blog archive in the first page I sent a response to a family and what worked for me. Remember,I am not a lawyer. This is only what worked for me. If you paid by credit card file a dispute asap. You will also find out if they "transferred" your contract to Monterey Financial Services and the next step from there.

Gonna Be Productions Scam said...

Try looking at what I did on my post to a parent on 6/20..I cannot tell you what worked for me,will work for you.