Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Ex Be Employee Contacted me today

To: arthur0424@sbcglobal.net
Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 3:17:58 PM
Subject: Fwd: Scott Poggenburg sent you a message on Facebook...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for reaching out. I read a bit of your blog, thanks for putting it together. I don't have too much experience with Be Productions, as I only 'worked' for them for one day as a talent scout a few months ago. I remember that right in the middle of scouting on my first day, my partner and I kept saying to each other 'this feels really wrong'. Finally we decided to do a search on line for the company and because I had kept a cc of the contract they asked me to sign (which btw they didn't give me a copy of, I just took it), we were able to investigate them under one of their many aliases. As soon as we saw the complaints, we just walked away, never looked back. The night I walked out, I let out my frustration by writting a little on the facebook blog and of course sent a message to the BBB and a few other blogs, but that's really it. I have no further contact with that company, and don't know how else I could help.

Name removed by request

I also received this as well from them:

Hi Scott,

Sure, feel free to post my response. Just use my first name only if you don't mind, and pls do not post my email... I prefer to pick my battles, you know?

A more detailed account of my experience is here:

And I am now in California (I was in for years and actually did work in HR and Recruiting and Scouting... for a legitimate company)


Hi Scott:

It looks like they are back, hiring in the Bay Area again. Check out this posting on craigslist:

I called the number and it's disconnected, and I flagged it w/ craigslist, so hopefully they will pull it from the site. urg...


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