Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monterey Financial Services NEEDS MY MONEY!

Instead of handling the issue with Monterey Financial Services (like a real Financial Institution) the e-mails and even a call came! They sure need the Money!




From: Scott and Maribel []
Sent: Sun 9/14/2008 6:58 PM
To: Domingo Casanas
Cc: Erin Lofstrom
Subject: Re: Arthur Poggenburg's promise


Thanks for the quick response. Should I follow-up with you, or will you be in contact with us?

Scott and Maribel

----- Original Message ----
From: Domingo Casanas
To: Scott and Maribel
Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2008 8:51:27 PM
Subject: RE: Arthur Poggenburg's promise

Hi! Thank you! Arthur will be on one of our shows by end of year....

Our crew took off to the San Diego area for the BeBopping shows that are
currently being looked up by different networks. We were hoping that they
would be back in production in the Bay Area for our two shows here by September...However Season two of Kids Unlimited and Say What will start
in end of Oct and Nov...So you will be hearing from me then. Sorry, for the delay but Yes! it will happen.


Domingo Ivan

From: Scott and Maribel []
Sent: Sat 9/13/2008 8:25 AM
To: Domingo Casanas
Cc: Erin Lofstrom
Subject: Arthur Poggenburg's promise

Hello Domingo,

When we were at Be studio's and prior to us signing-up with Be,you promised a paying role on one of the Be production (once he completed all of his requirements) television shows for our son Arthur Poggenburg. Can you please let us know a.s.a.p. when your promise will be full-filled and Arthur will be in a one of the Be production television shows.


Scott and Maribel Poggenburg

Re: Your Blog on Be Productions
[Chat now] ""

My emails to you and any other parent that had same concerns were sent with the answer that the owners and the pr department told me and
made me believed that as an example when the shoots would start for the show etc....Only following what they told me and believing it to be true.

Domingo Ivan

Ms Potthoff you have really either lost focus or are truly clueless what lack of services have been rendered. The fact that you feel the need to continue to defend yourself by responding to my e-mails and bully us really does not add to your credibility. On one hand your company says you owe us the money..on the other hand,if we have a issue with with Be (I have your e-mail on this,if you need to see it again). Now you feel you are a expert on the issues dealing with Be and as stated in your e-mail,defending them,and taking their word over all the other hard working families that were done wrong. If you read my above e-mail's we were offered more than what was on the contract and the hand-out card (which was not full-filled as well).

There were lots of families that were "taken" by Be and your attachment and defending of their actions only adds to the credibility of the company you work for. I feel sorry for you.

From: Brooke Potthoff
To: Scott and Maribel ;;;;; Cristina (CTV-Oakland) Gastelu ;;;;; Ethan Preston ; OHara Dvid
Cc:;;;;;; Howard ; Sheila Kuehl ; KCAL-TV Money 101 ; Shaun Lucas
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 4:35:18 PM
Subject: RE: My Dispute with Be Productions and Monterey Financial Services pt 1 of 3

Your statements don’t at all change the facts I have provided. I again encourage you to call me directly to resolve the matter. I’m also more than happy to be on a 3-way call with your bank to recover the held funds. My direct toll free number is listed below. This will be the last e-mail I send. Please contact me directly with further questions or concerns.

Brooke Potthoff

Finance Manager

Monterey Financial Services, Inc.

(800) 456-2225 ext 4301

Visit us online to view your account/make payments at

This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

and our phone call:

Tonight at 5:25pm,we received a call from Brooke Pottoff. She asked if we can stop the e-mails back and forth and reach a settlement based on what they claim we owe Monterey Financial Services. In the middle of the conversation,I asked her if this was being recorded,and she told me that it was. I explained to her,that she is suppose to disclose any conversation that is being recorded based on California Law. Her come back was "all of our calls are recorded". When I asked for proof that they own my (sole) contract..she said she did not need to give it to us.

My wife has told them to handle how they seem fit and to not call our home anymore. Remember recorded that (without our permission).

Scott and Maribel Poggenburg

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