Friday, May 29, 2009

E-mail to Parents Frustrated with Be Productions and Monterey Financial Services

I want to let the parents that are unhappy with Be Productions,that you are not alone. I started my complaints against be over a month ago when I found out that they have moved out of Northern California with no notice. When I started getting involved with this,my only goal was to get my money back for my family. If you were going to tell that almost 2 months later that I would be in touch with so many families, I would not believe you. My wife at times thinks that I was obsessed with spreading the word about Be,and I guess to some point I am. We both met so many nice families,and I have heard so many stories,that the pain these folks have started needs to stop.

I will leave links to my blog at the bottom of this e-mail,as well as several media contacts that I have been send e-mails to in my process. There are a few parents out there (and you know who you are) that I have been in contact with from almost the beginning. This was done by my research and finding other people unhappy like us, and finding out the best way to go next. It is important that you understand, I am a parent 1st. I am a manager for a Staples store and offer not legal advise.

The idea of doing my blog was to let other people know what I have gone through (from the verbal contract my "talent director" made to us before we signed,to where I am now,dealing like some of you,with Monterey Financial Services. As a matter of fact,it was not until this week did we find out that our contract with Be was sold the same month that we signed to Monterey. And after disputing the charges and having them reversed,that now they have the nerve to say we are 350 day's past due, and will put our "account" into collections. So part of the sad sorry is,that no matter how hard we want to point the finqure at Be..they sold our (sole) contract to Monterey.

So without giving legal advise,if you look at my blog,you will see some of the steps that I have been advised,and some of the steps I have taken on my own. My second concern as I was going through all this was just to get it to stop. I contacted some media in the L.A., so what has happened to us,will not happen again. I have heard that there will be a showcase in Pleasanton this Sunday,but have yet to see any details.

Those of you who would like to talk to me further (keep in mind,my wife thinks I am spending too much time on this) can contact me at

Scott Poggenburg
my blog is:
You can see the story that 7 on Your Side disappointed me at:
Media that I have been sending e-mails to:
You can also let Adrian R'Mante know how you feel:

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