Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eric DeSandos Be Productions

When I found Eric on Facebook and he added me (the same as Myspace) this is what I sent him..of course he failed to respond:

Are you a Man or Not? Can you live with yourself?
Between Erik DeSando and You

Scott Poggenburg
May 9 at 7:29pm
I saw you video on the Be web many of your customers do think saw it? You claim that you had to make changes at Be, because of the economy, is this to ask our sympathy? My husband and I made an agreement prior to signing with Be, with Domingo Casanas and if I had to make a educated guess, you might have heard of us...or is Barry playing stupid again, like he did with channel 5 consumer watch here in the bay area.

It is with great sadness that at this point all I see is another face, with nothing specific, making promises that you cannot guarantee. If that was the case, you would man up...and say "this is what I will do for you", or I will give you your money back if it is not done by a specific date"...but I do not see that. All I hear is lie after lie after lie. How can you sleep at night knowing the house that you live in was paid for by hard working families? We live by pay check to pay check. How can you live with yourself knowing some of the parents that pay you that money is now out of their jobs? Does is say anywhere on my contract that I must have a e-mail address? Well if I did not or have access to the Internet how was I expected to know that Emeryville,Sac and San Jose were closed? Or do you care? I never asked anyone at Be to make my son a STAR. Far from it. Can you imagine how I felt after Domingo said he would have a paid role in a Be production and be able to help direct a show (when in talking to us,he found out my Arthur has many You Tube videos that he has made himself)..that my son hugged Domingo when the deal was done and my son "RANG" that bell! All I can say if you can look at yourself in the mirror when you get up in the morning,is contact me,give me a solid on paper guarantee that states,if you can not do what you say,you will refund my money. Can you man up or hide?

Scott and Maribel Poggenburg

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