Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be Productions Scan-Questionable Banking?

After we disputed the charges on our credit card (3 total for over $1100 each) we found that the way these charges cleared was questionable. The first out of 3 was cashed/cleared by Be Productions (even though the slip said My Artitsts Place) the 2 other charges were cashed/cleared by Montery Financial. Can anyone explain how this can happen? Does part go in one pocket and the rest in another?


OHara said...


Monterey Financial is the outfit Be/MAP/Gonnabe uses to finance accounts where the parent requests financing, or the parent's credit card has been declined when they attempt to charge. At one of the offices I actually saw a script posted by the credit card machine instructing the salespeople to give them this alternative if the card was denied.

Gonna Be Productions Scam said...

So they used these people to take our money?