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Hollywood East Productions it was My Talent Services it was Be Productions it was My Artist Place When will it end Martin Herrera?

********UPDATED 01/06/2010************UPDATED 01/06/2010****************************

This was sent by a parent from the LA area:

Hi Scott,

This Martin Herrera is a major scammer. MTS is no more, as it is now being call Hollywood East Productions. My daughter went through the BE/MTS auditons back in August. I had a feeling it was a scam when he called my wife saying that my daughters monologue was age inappropriate, and we got it out of kids monologue book??!

Well, we got a email from It said that had been accepted to shoot on a upcoming reality TV show, but in order to be able to shoot, she had to go to 2 3.5 hour classes (and it didn't have to be acting, it could be modeling, singing, dancine). Then she could do the free shooting.

Now is with JE Model and Talent in SF, and we have always done auditions, then if picked, do the shooting. We never had to pay to shoot, but we always get paid.

To add more to the scam, you can pay 125 bucks for headshots. Why?? We don't need them. You can also buy a copy of the shoot you do for 40 buck. Or for 100 bucks you can order your child slate. This is definitely a scam tht everyone needs to watch for.

If you like to see the email sent, Let me know and I can forward to you. I will just need an email address to forward it too.

Also, one more thing, I am glad to see that ripoff is gone. The so called webmaster, Nicholas Fordham, used many scripts to move people too fast, especially at the end, plus he set up bogus accounts. I hope that he never finds a legit job, because he is to easy to catch.

This was sent by the same parent. Look's Martin from My Talent Service:


Reality TV Shoot

Attention Cast Members,

"Hollywood East Productions" is producing the Reality TV show that you
and got evaluated for. Due to unforeseen circumstances, "MTS" will no
longer be
involved in the segment of production. "Hollywood East Productions" is now
the sole
producer for this projected Reality TV Show.

For this production, all children will be required to attend a minimum of
two workshops,
which is geared towards perfecting the advancement of their staged
Pre-production training will target all the necessary skills in your
child's creative
field. Such as their Opening Slates, Acting Monologue, Modeling, Dancing
and Singing.
Advanced training for the TV shoot is to help your child perform to their
potential. The two advanced (3 ½ hour) workshops will cost a total of $200.
It is
mandatory that the parents assist in their child's production workshop.
After you
complete these two mandatory workshops, you will be able to attend the TV
and gain knowledge of being on a production set. This TV show will air on
Each member does have the option of purchasing other items listed below,
but in
order to be part of this Reality TV Show Production you must receive two
sessions of training per talent you wish to perform during the shoot.

The TV Shoot:

TV Shoot: FREE


The actual filming of the Reality TV Show is free for everyone that wishes
to participate.
Everyone who will be on set the day of the shoot will need to sign a
release, before any and all shooting begins, that includes parents and
invited guest.


Workshops: $200

Training Sessions
Please choose one talent, (Acting, Modeling, Singing or Dancing) below for
training session. You can choose up to two talents max for the shoot.

Advance Modeling Training: 2 Workshops for Modeling: $200

We will prepare you on how to audition for all types of fashion shows.
You will learn about your models bag, standard model attire, comp card,
body alignment
and stage presentation.
Advance Acting Training:2 Workshops for Acting: $200

* Our acting coach will prepare you for your Professional Actor's Slate
this will
include your Monologue/Commercial for your Reel. In this workshop we will
and streamline your script, timing, props and wardrobe. Performance ready
* Be prepared to perform your entire acting scene from start to finish,
with respect
to your rehearsed and scripted dialogue. Therein knowing all your lines,
angles, product placement, vocal delivery and your overall Stage

Advance Singing Training: 1 Vocal Workshop: $100, unless you feel you need

* Our instructor will prepare you in perfecting the vocal pitch of your
song. This workshop session is geared towards the final selection of your
wardrobe and staged timing. This is with performance ready singers only.
* If you feel you need one more day to perfect your song, we will schedule
an added
day of staged training only.

Advance Dance Training: 2 Workshops for Dancing: $200

* Our instructor will prepare you for your staged Dance Routine. This
workshop session
is geared towards perfecting your music, costuming and stage timing. This
is with
performance ready dancers only.
* You will perform your entire dance routine from start to finish, with
to your learned and structured dance. Therein perfecting your Stage

*Full breakdown of each training session will be sent on a separate email.

Actor's Slate:

Actor's Slate: $100

Demo DVD

The actor's slate is optional, but very beneficial for the members that do
not have
a demo reel, but continue to go out on auditions. During the actor's slate,
member will have a minimum of 5 minutes and a max of 15 minutes to perform
of their talents along with a general interview. The finish product will be
a condensed
demo DVD of 1-2 minutes that can be used when submitting to casting
directors and

Photo Session:

Photo Session: $125


There will be a photographer present at the shoot. This photo session is
You will receive the photo session, 50 frames, and 1 DVD with all 50

DVD of the Show:

DVD of the Show: $75

Entire TV Show

A DVD copy of the 60 minute Reality TV Show that will air on TV.

Performance DVD:

Performance DVD:

Just your Performance

An edited version of the Reality TV Show with just your child's


Shipping & Handling: $5/DVD

February 1, 2009
***We must receive all checks/money orders by February 1st. No checks or
cash will
be accepted on the day of the workshops. Sorry no exceptions.***
Please make all payments to "Hollywood East Productions" and send your
payment to:

Hollywood East Productions

P.O. Box 14036

Van Nuys, CA 91409

*Please include $5.00 per DVD ordered for shipping and handling.*

If you have any questions regarding this production, please contact:

Martin: 310-736-6842


Hollywood East Productions

Martin also sent this out to "select" parents, here are some of the comments so far:

Wow!! This is pretty sad.....
I feel bad for anyone who still thinks this is the real deal. I can't believe they just keep changing the company's name. What is the 5th time! It's just crazy, and appears to have no end in sight....

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Lies, lies, lies...

First, the BE Web site is alive and well at Next, this lying sack of shit can't even spell the name of a previous employer... "John Paul Gaultier" instead of "Jean Paul Gaultier", not to mention the ripped tendon in his "angle".

I sure hope none of you entertain the prospect of registering for this continued scam....

From the desk of Martin Herrera
Happy New Years Everyone
I am sending this notice to all the children and families who auditioned for the new Reality Show which is associated with Hollywood East Productions solely and no one else.
As many of you know, during this holiday season starting from the Thanksgiving weekend, the BE, LLC web-site was removed from the internet.
Parents and Children: a production notice on Thursday Dec 31, 09 regarding this production change was sent to you. After all your hard work, amazing talent, practicing and determination we just couldn’t pull the dream of producing your own Reality Show out from under you.
We want to continue producing this project for you and with you. Many of the children mentioned and expressed they wanted to model, dance, act, sing or do their own gifted talent. We want you to do just that. As noted and stated in many of the Audition/Evaluations returned, I said that I would train the children in Modeling/Fashion Runway and polish up their Dance routines.
A brief Bio on my background - I started Modeling professionally at 18 yrs, doing Runway Collections for designers such as: Bill Blass, John Paul Gaultier, MEN, Perry Ellis, Armani, Macy’s, Dolce & Gabbana, Union Bay Sportswear, GQ and ELLE Magazines, the International shows along with countless other clients.
My dance background is just as vast. Due to a sudden baseball injury, I was led to take dance workshops to fix a ripped tendon in my angle. Where I studied Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, Space Movement and Hip Hop Styles which allowed me to assist the choreographer in my first fashion show at 18 yrs. Whereas, I was hired directly thereafter as the choreographer for my second show. I stopped modeling at 25 yrs when I became an Agent in the Seattle, WA area.
After managing models and talent in the Seattle market, I moved back home to Los Angeles, CA. Geared with my booking skills and contract knowledge, I was hired to scout and send models to Europe and Japan before becoming a casting agent/director, for Feature films, Commercials, Music Videos and national advertising agencies.
As for our Acting Coach and Singing Coaches, we have some of the best in the business available to provide their services to us. These professionals work daily in their creative field. Teaching and providing the needed skills to actors and singers. They are classically trained vocally and instrumentally. Studio Engineers and stage performers with projects and staged tours added to their resumes. We just need to give them the word when we’re ready to start the workshops.

As for the structure of the Reality Show, we will film all the kid’s doing their Slates, Scripted Scenes, Dance Routine, Singing, Variety Skits, Modeling in a fashion show and all the behind the scene antics you and your family can provide.
Parents and Children we will also have a confessional area available for those who want to express their experience good, bad or indifferent of the entertainment industry. (you will not be allowed to slam BE’ LLC/MAP. Due to legal matters) But we will want to hear your success stories, your truths and your future goals from this day forward.
While shooting the new show we want all of you to express a wide variety of skills and animation in your acting and talents. You never know who might be the Breakout star of the show. We want everyone to shine. Just be yourself and when you see the camera on you. GO FOR IT! Our goal is to produce an entire season with what we shoot, allowing everyone to have camera time. However we need to first shoot the pilot to get picked up.
Parents, I would like to take the time and talk to everyone of you before we start production, should you have any question(s) and or concerns before we start the workshop training and production shoot. Thereafter we will send out production times and venues for workshops and production schedules for venue shoots. We are looking at workshop training and production shoots on the weekends only. As of now we would like to focus our target dates for March 2010, once we complete the workshop training.
Thank you for your time and your patience’s.
Martin Herrera
Hollywood East Productions

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Anonymous said...

JOHN Paul Gaultier? It's Jean, NOT John. I think if there were any truth to his claim of being a model, he'd know how to spell that name correctly.