Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Talent Service Continues the Be Production Scam..Don't continue to throw your money away!

This post was made on Topix (San Diego),from a parent who attended the August 2009 MTS "showcase" (or rip-off) depending on what you call it. This continues to prove that MTS is continuing the "sting" by BE and now BeOnTv.that has the same cast of charactors that Be had (Erik,Adrian,Sean,Paige and others). The link to the post is:

Mom of 6

Roseville, CA

Just read through these comments and wanted to tell you about our experience with MTS at the Concord showcase in August 2009. I had been conversing with Debbie regarding her providing proof of the legitimacy of her company. She said she didn't want to send anything thru the mail or via the web and would bring proof to the showcase. At the showcase, a couple of moms approached asking for proof of their business via the business license. Wouldn't you know it, but after she(Debbie)left her house, she realized she forgot it and didn't have time to go back. She said she would send it to me, but as yet we have received nothing!! We asked for a business card from any of the four MTS people that were there. Of course, they all forgot them. We asked them "knowing the questions that people are having regarding your company, didn't you think it would be important to bring something to show you are legitimate?" They agreed, it would have been a good idea, but they forgot any kind of paperwork. One of the children that went into the showcase came out explaining that one of the women in the room said that the casting director that was suppose to be there was ill and so she was there as her replacement but was new at this process. When I questioned Debbie, Liz and Martin about this comment, they said they were not aware of anyone cancelling. I asked what the names of the people who were there for the showcase. They all said they didn't know because Christina does all the scheduling. We told them we found it hard to believe that they are there all day and no one introduced themselves. They were actually in the room with the supposed agents and casting director and yet as owners of MTS they never conversed with them? They said they didn't. They said we could wait until the showcase was over and could talk to Christina. We waited. When we talked to Christina (after watching Martin talk to her first) she approached us, telling us that the casting director was ill and sent a replacement. While speaking to us, the "replacement" came over to thank Christina for having her. I then asked the replacement about her experience, etc. She gave us some line, but unfortuantely did not have a business card to show us. We then asked Christina who was actually there for the showcase, what companies? She had to go get her binder to look it up. We asked her why she would have to look it up. Didn't she know who was there all day? There was only two other people. After observing the reactions, the body language, the facial expressions to each other, and the obvious overacting and nervousness displayed by Martin, we the parents, that were questioning these people, all came to the conclusion that this is not what is represented and certainly do not believe they are a legitimate company.

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