Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where is BE?


My name is – I was speaking with you on the Topix board, and my mother has been in contact with you. My questions were about the BE contract – I understand that both you and I were promised a spot on one of the BE produced shows, yet I am having trouble finding that in writing. My contract does not say anything about that, and I was wondering if you have anything in writing. I have also been in contact with David O’hara, also from the Topix board, and he said he would scan in his contract and send it to me via email, but I have not heard back from him yet.

Also, my interesting fact is that BE., LLC is currently in business, according to the secretary of state, and their current address (as of Jul. 10) is 2029 CENTURY PARK EAST #900 LOS ANGELES, CA 90067

The link to the full page of information on BE., LLC is here:

You may want to post that on your blog, as it may somehow come in handy to someone. Also, note the Agent for Service of Process is not Erik DeSando or Barry Falck; it is Jeffrey A Tisdale. Do you know who he is? What position does or did he have in the company?

Too bad the records don’t provide a telephone number- do you think this is where MTS is operating?

Thanks for your help.

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