Sunday, July 26, 2009

Be On TV Productions in Dallas Texas

Any and all postive comments must have the following to be posted:
#1- The Web site address that was refered to in a positive comment that was sent on 08/28. This person claimed to have gotten paid work from the "Be On TV Web site"
#2- If you received paid work,what companies was that work with. It is hard to believe that after only 2 months,you received paid work.
#3- The address of the office of Be On TV.
Easy questions if you are legit,real hard if not.

I received new e-mails from Dallas. Same story as Be Productions only the "new name" is Be On TV Productions. If you are from Dallas, Texas ,watch out,they are targeting you now! Thanks Melanie for the alert! Great Job!

Be on TV productions question

My daughter was approached by this company while at the mall with a friend. They invited her to attend a screen test later today.
Is this a pitch to sign up for acting classes, or camp or sales pitch of ANY kind?
The name of the person on the literature didn't respond well when I asked that direct question.


Re: Be on TV productions question
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We received a post card that was hand distributed at a mall here in Dallas. I've notified mall security of solicitation activities on their premises. The mall is Northpark.
It said it was from Be On TV Productions. There was a handwritten name (first name only) and cell phone number given. When I called and spoke to that "agent" she could not tell me what the purpose of the screen test was other than to be considered for a project. She got defensive when I asked if it was a solicitation of some kind and would not answer that direct question, that's why we decided to skip the screen test.


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Anonymous said...

We went to the "casting call" and got a callback. We went to the callback today in Dallas. My spider sense starting tingling when they started to mention the costs involved and I googled "Be On TV Scam". This blog immediately came up and thanks to you I recognized this bull for what it is. They took us into separate rooms and started doing EXACTLY what was described on this site. We bolted. I felt really embarrassed more than anything having almost fallen for this VERY convincing scam. They prey upon your children's wishes and what parent would knowingly refuse to grant your child "Their shot at stardom". These people are scum of the earth and if there were grounds to get a police raid on them while they are here in Dallas I would be first in line to testify against them.